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Susano Berkeley LLC (SBL) helps technology firms innovate and compete globally by enabling access to research centers of excellence in micro & nanotechnology.

Technology firms are increasingly looking for international research and development partners to internalize cutting-edge knowledge related to their processes and products.  While industry-university collaboration has been strongly promoted across the world in the past decade, it is still not easy to initiate collaborative research with foreign partners due to technical uncertainty, market uncertainty and differences in innovation systems in different countries.  SBL offers services to facilitate client firms to overcome such challenges and engage external technical talents to accelerate innovation - globally.

SBL addresses a growing need for global technical awareness by offering the following services:

- Support for International Industry-University Collaborative Research and Development
- Analyses of Global R&D and Market Trends
- Advanced Technical Consulting

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- 国際的な産学共同研究開発のサポート
- グローバルな研究開発/市場動向の調査分析
- 先端技術コンサルティング


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